Welcome to the former home of the PDO

The PDO website has moved

Bay Area Darts has had the privilege of hosting the website for the PDO for the past 8 years. The PDO has a new home. You should change your bookmarks and emails addresses to relfect this change; the new website is http://pdodarts.weebly.com/

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Upcoming Tournaments

  • Oct 7-9 2016 Tahoe Biltmore Open $5,000 Cyrstal Bay, NV
  • Dec 3 2016 WCDO Open Singles 501 $2,775, Pacheco, CA
  • Weekly Blind Draws

  • Mondays, Sodini's, Redwood City, 7:30pm, Weighted Draw Singles
  • Tuesdays, Albatross Pub, Berkeley, 8pm, Blind Draw Doubles
  • Fridays, Pacheco Bowl, Concord, 8pm, Blind Draw
  • Saturdays, Tim's Four Deuces, San Francisco, 7:00pm, Blind Draw Doubles, Round Robin
  • Saturdays, Beefy's Cabin, Sunnyvale, 8:30pm, Blind Draw Doubles